Voltage/current monitor panel.

This panel hosts 5 x 2.1mm power sockets. 2 are used for checking the motor current and the current used by the 5v reg. The other 3 are used for check voltages, 2 for checking the battery voltages (9v -> 5v voltage reg. and 12v -> motors), and 1 for checking the 5v reg. output voltage.

 Voltage/current monitor panel for miRover.

Voltage/current monitor panel.

 Adapter to connect robot to multimeter.

I made an adapter which uses a 2.1mm power plug, some speaker wire and 2 x 4mm banana plugs.

The power plug goes into one of the sockets and the banana plugs into the multimeter. The voltage sockets are just simply connected to the V+ and V0 of each battery. Inner part of socket(pin) connects to V+.
The current sockets are a break in the V+ line from the battery, the wire nearest the battery goes to the socket pin(connects to the red socket on the meter), the other connection, is the continuation of the V+ line(this connects to the black socket on the meter). The adapter wire is about 8 feet(2.4m) long, so I can follow the rover around, while monitoring it's current usage on the multimeter.

When the meter adapter plug is removed from the socket, there is no connection from V+ to any circuits, so I used 2 power plugs, each one joined together inside. These are used when no monitoring is been done.