I hope this may be of help for anyone wanting to connect their HID to a PC via USB.

This is my attempt to create a basic HID, that will send and receive bytes of data to and from a PC via USB, and is a testbed for future developement.
I used a PIC18F4550, Microchip C18 toolsuit inside Microchip MPLAB IDE, Microchip Pickit2 and Microsoft VB2008 Express Edition.

My computer: Windows XP SP3, AMD Sempron 3200+ 1.81GHz, 480Mb RAM.

The main USB code is based on Microchips MCHPFSUSB/fw/Hid/Mouse.
The VB code is linked to mcHID.dll.
README.txt gives more details.

NOTE: While great care is taken in the programming of software,
as with all software, you use it at your own risk. Thank you.

Download files.

Download README.




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