Tamiya 1/6th scale model kit.


The tools, paints etc. used in construction of this model.

I downloaded photos of original bike and completed model bike form the internet. This would give me a better idea of what the completed model should look like, especially the minor details.

The best site I found for images of a finished model was here.

I intend to photocopied 1 page of the instructions at a time. Fully completing that page before moving on to the next page.

This is the process I used for removing and cleaning parts from the sprue.

I used a pair of 4" electricians side cutters to cut each part from sprue. Then I filed down any excess plastic with a fine rattail file. I found using a finger is the best way to detect any remaining excess plastic. Next I used a craft knife to get as close to the part as possible. followed by a very fine sanding pad(used for decorating) to remove the remainder. Finally the area was polished with TCut(original paintwork restorer). A very small amount rub in a circular motion for about 20 seconds?, then polished off with a clean cloth. TCut can also be used on the finished paintwork, though greater care needs to be taken. It's probably a good idea to start a project like this in the summer months, when there is plenty of natural daylight for long periods of time. I didn't and found it very difficult to paint etc. especially black paint on black plastic with a black paint brush! in winter daylight or room lighting. Also good eyesight and nimble fingers also help.

Assembly(page 3).

Last updated 4/April/2011