Tamiya 1/6th scale model kit.


Page 9 Sections 19-21

7 December 2010
Day 29

The parts on this page look fairly straight forward to assemble. Removed, cleaned and glued exhaust parts together.

8 December 2010
Day 30

Sanded and polished glued exhaust parts ready for painting.

9 December 2010
Day 31

Painted all exhaust parts.

11 December 2010
Day 32

Assembled turbo and exhaust parts to engine. Tried several dry runs to test how parts would fit together. Very difficult to get all parts to line up and hold in there correct positions. Though I did find out that it is better to fit the 'Exhaust junction pipe' first then turn the bike the right way round and fit the rest of the parts. Could this be the last bits of the engine?
Printed of next page.

12 December 2010
Day 33

Painted 'TURBO' onto exhaust pipes.
Stuck sparkplugs.

Assembly(page 10).

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