Tamiya 1/6th scale model kit.


Page 8 Sections 16-18

2 December 2010
Day 25

This section looks a bit more straight forward than the last. Started painting parts for these sections.

3 December 2010
Day 26

Cutting off and cleaning-up parts, touching up with paint etc. There is a lot more parts to this page than I thought. This looks like the last bits of the engine assembly.(How wrong could I be) Doing 1 page at a time, not looking at the next, you never know what is around the corner. Whether this is a good idea or not, I don't know, but it has worked so far.

5 December 2010
Day 27

Assembled all parts for this page. Fitting the surge tank parts was very tricky. Very difficult to hold all the parts in the correct position, while the glue was drying, masking tape helped, but blocked view of where the parts should properly connect to each other. That said, I think it has turned out very well. Next step is connecting the engine to the frame.

6 December 2010
Day 28

Connected engine to bike frame. Bit of a tight squeeze, but it fits. I am very pleased with the way it looks, I really seem to be getting some where now! Though there is still a lot of parts to fit and I'm not even half way yet. Just noticed while I was printing off next page, that the original instructions where printed in 1983!! I didn't realise that the model was that old.

Sparkplug leads attach to part E25, not mentioned in the instructions. By-pass hose from part A5 is connected to E30/31, not mentioned in the instructions.

Assembly(page 9).

Last updated 4/April/2011