Tamiya 1/6th scale model kit.


Page 7 Sections 13-15

25 November 2010
Day 21

Sorted out parts for sections 10-11. Removed gold rear wheel parts etc. and remove excess sprue. Some parts have a strong mould joint line that needs removing, especially E42.

26 November 2010
Day 22

Cut out, cleaned-up and painted the rest of the parts for this section. Painted bolt heads with X11.

27 November 2010
Day 23

Definitely the most demanding sections so far. Lots of small parts and delicate painting. TIP: C9-10 cylinder heads and 2xK2 Honda motifs. These where very difficult to not over-paint. So I allowed paint to dry for about 2 hrs, then with a wooden cocktail stick, very carefully scraped away any paint on areas that should not be painted. This worked very well, be is very delicate and time consuming work. But worth it, I think?

30 November 2010
Day 24

Assembled all parts for these 3 sections. All have gone together, with no complications. I made a bit of a mess with painting the 'HONDA' letters on C28(clutch cover?), so I wiped off the paint, which has now left a smear on the chrome that I can't seem to remove. I painted the letters again, as above, which has come out very well, but the smear is still there.
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Assembly(page 8).

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