Tamiya 1/6th scale model kit.


Page 5 Sections 7-9

13 November 2010
Day 10

Started painting parts for Sections 7-9. No real problems so far.

14 November 2010
Day 11

Assembled the smaller parts of this section and re-touched where necessary. Tcut is great for polishing out some scratches on the clear plastic battery part L4.

16 November 2010
Day 12

Fitted assembled parts from Day11 to bike frame. Fitted parts in this order. Battery holder, document case, E27/22, G21. Left out battery from battery holder until decals fitted, hope it fits in ok!
I used a plastic lid of a sandwich box filled with water at a temperature of about 25-28c. the decal was left in the water for about 20-30 seconds before trying to slide it off the backing paper. A small amount of water was place on the area where the decal was going to stick, to allow some movement after sliding it roughly into position. A pair of tweezers, toothpick and a cotton bud where very useful for handling the decals, especially the smaller ones. This is a very fiddly and time consuming job. I took me several attempts to get them in the right positions. Also the water needed renewing for each decal, because the temp had dropped to low for it to slide off the backing paper.

17 November 2010
Day 13

Fitting the battery was a bit tricky, I slide it in from the top, with a piece of paper protecting the decal.
A small piece of bare 0.6mm wire was inserted into hose from F18 to F47, to stop the hose from kinking.

Assembly(page 6).

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