Tamiya 1/6th scale model kit.


Page 4 Sections 4-6

3 November 2010
Day 6

Started cleaning up, painting parts for these sections. Problem with Section 5 'Swing arm'. When gluing parts together, glue has squeezed out along the joints, which I wiped of, and unfortunately has taken some of the chrome plating off with it. Think I will try sanding down and painting with X-11 chrome silver. Also Part F47 needs 2 coats of X-2 White. Apart from that the rest of the parts are looking good and ready for assembly.

4 November 2010
Day 7

Painting and assembling some parts. Problem cutting rubber boot. Very difficult to get a clean, straight line around it. A groove indicating where to cut would have been useful. A piece of dowel the same size as the boot would have helped to keep it straight and tight while cutting with a very sharp knife. Or better still if was made to the correct size inn the first place!!!

5 November 2010
Day 8

Painting and assembling some smaller parts. Doing dry runs for assembling damper and swinging arm etc. could be tricky.

7 November 2010
Day 9

Final assembly of section 6. Fitted decals to frame and damper. Not very easy, the 2 that you don't see attached very well, but the 1 that is seen was a real problem, part of the decal folded back on itself, and unfortunately I couldn't get it back. Hopefully it's not to noticeable. NOTE: Not fitted 2xE6 just in case swing arm needs removing. Not fitted F54, not sure exactly where it should point yet.
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