Tamiya 1/6th scale model kit.


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29 October 2010
Day 1

This 1st day has been a bit easier than I thought it would be. I managed to paint some parts and glued others ready for painting. I really don't want to stop now, but I also don't want to rush it.

30 October 2010
Day 2

Painting main frame with X1. Cutting and touching-up parts painted on Day 1. Painted E41 & E34 large frame parts. X1 paint seems a lot more sticky and harder to paint with than other paints. Some parts may need touching up because of bristles coming out of a brush.

31 October 2010
Day 3

Painted parts of 1st part of section 2 on the sprue. Assembled parts of section 1. F54 not fitted, because it's difficult to tell exactly in which position it should be fitted. I will wait until later on in the build to get a better idea. Cleaned up and assembled 1st part section 2. Removed and cleaned up E41 & E34 large frame parts. Some touching up of paint will be needed after frames are fully assembled.

1 November 2010
Day 4

Assembled all the major frame parts together. I tried assembling them all dry first, which gave me a good idea of how difficult it was going to be. I glued only the front parts of the frame togeter, then added E41+E28, then E4. I used masking tape to hold the glued joints tighly together while they were drying. Finally C45 and E19 were fitted. Unfortunately with so many joints to glue at the same time, I got glue on my fingers which ended up on other parts of the frame. Even though must of this frame is not going to be seen, I thought it would be good practice to sand and repaint the several parts that are spoilt.

1 November 2010
Day 5

Having sanded down some spoilt parts of the frame, ready for re-painting. I thought I would smooth the areas with a bit of Tcut. But after a good polish the areas look as good as the OK painted parts. So I will leave it like that. Looking forward to assembling the next sections.
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