Tamiya 1/6th scale model kit.


Page 16 Sections 40-42

11 February 2011
Day 67

Down to the last few bits now. Painted all parts for this page. Assembly looks fairly straightforward. Looking forward to seeing it with the cowl on.

13 February 2011
Day 68

Having trouble fitting cowl to bike frame. Can't seem to get the screw holes on the cowl aligned with the holes in the petrol tank. Scrapped some of the cowl decal off while attempting to fit it around petrol tank. Not good!

20 February 2011
Day 69

Still having problems fitting the cowl. Decided to leave it for now and move on to the next page. THE LAST PAGE!!

21 February 2011
Day 70

Finally managed to fit the cowl to the bike frame. What a job! Looks the part though. I think that is this page finished.

26 February 2011
Day 72

Fitted wing mirrors and cowl inner trim. This page is now finished.

Assembly(page 17).

Last updated 4/April/2011