Tamiya 1/6th scale model kit.


Page 15 Sections 38-39

17 January 2011
Day 56

Started painting some parts for the handlebars and cowl. Again I can't do any more until the bodywork is finished. Hopefully I will get some more spray at the weekend.

3 February 2011
Day 63

Started assembling some parts for this section. I have fitted 1 part from a previous section in the wrong place,(only 1!) and it's in the way of one of the side panels. How can I remove it, without any damage?

6 February 2011
Day 64

Managed to remove the part by twisting it until it came away. Drilled out frame part to accept locating pin of side panel, fits OK, re-fitted removed part to it's correct place. Assembled some parts for this section. The bike is taking shape now and from a distance it looks really good. Painted areas of the cowl ready for the indicators & internal mesh. Also now ready for the decals! Can't be any harder than the last lot, I hope.

8 February 2011
Day 65

Fitted all decals to cowl. All went well and finish looks good. Just a small bit of assembly left and this section will be finished, at long last. Printed off next page.

10 February 2011
Day 66

Finally finished assembling parts for this page. Decided not to spray cowl and decals with clear gloss spray as I did with the other bodywork. Some of the other bodywork parts came out worse than I expected. Anyway it looks pretty good. Looking forward to a bit of hand painting for a change. PHOTO

Assembly(page 16).

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