Tamiya 1/6th scale model kit.


Page 13 Sections 32-34

26 December 2010
Day 42

Cut out, cleaned parts for this page, ready for assembly. Some parts I've assembled as it will be easier and give a better paint finish. It can get quite addictive, trying to remove the burr where the moulds have left a ridge around some of the parts, filing, sanding and polishing, repeatedly until they look nearly perfect, shame no one will ever see them!
Looks like some tricky assembly ahead.

27 December 2010
Day 43

Painted all parts for this page, black again. I have not started on the petrol tank yet. I'm hoping to get a tin of 'Racing white' spray for all the body work. The underside of the petrol tank won't be seen, so I will have a practice on it first.

28 December 2010
Day 44

Painted the dashboard? which is all clear plastic, so the back and front bottom edge need painting gloss black. So a lot of masking needed to be done.

29 December 2010
Day 45

The dashboard has come out really, I'm very pleased with the way it looks. There were a few bits of paint that needed cleaning of the front part, which should be left clear. These were easily removed with the tip of a wooden cocktail stick.

31 December 2010
Day 46

Started assembling parts for this page. Very tricky assembling the very thin crossbars that connect both sides of the cowl support frame. I had a bit of a problem getting the speedo etc. decal off the backing paper, and onto the plastic part. Temp. was about the same as before, but it just didn't want to slide about as previous decals have. After a bit of a struggle and about 1/2 hour it fitted as good as I'm ever going to get it. Just need to assemble the dashboard? parts together and fit to the bike frame.

2 January 2011
Day 47

Assembled last part of cowl frame and fitted dashboard? Now that all the cowl frame etc. has been fitted, the model has now tipped the balance and won't rest on it's back wheel. It looks and feels very unsteady, I will have to be extra careful now when handling it. The petrol tank still needs spraying and assembling.
Printing off the next page of instructions.

See Spraying bodywork parts.

22 January 2011
Day 58

Backlog of all parts from 3 pages.

30 January 2011
Day 62

Finally finished tank assembly.

Assembly(page 14).

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