Tamiya 1/6th scale model kit.


Page 12 Sections 29-31

22 December 2010
Day 40

Cut out, cleaned and painted parts for this page, ready for assembly. 2 very tiny parts, about the size of a pin head, shaped like rivets that hold the shocks together. These need special care as I nearly lost one on the carpet when I tried to cut of the excess plastic. Either I'm getting better at this, or the last 2 pages have been very straightforward. Famous last words.

23 December 2010
Day 41

Assembled all parts for this page. All went together OK, except for part F32 which I stuck upside down, fortunately I realised before it had stuck properly, so I pulled it out and fitted it the right way round. Printed off the next page. Looks like some tricky assembly ahead.

Assembly(page 13).

Last updated 4/April/2011