Tony Mann RIP.
7/10/1957 - 1/11/2009

Happier Days!!

Tamiya 1/6th scale model kit.

This model kit belonged to my brother Tony, who sadly passed away on 1/11/2009 aged 52. When I found out he had it, I volunteered to make it as a tribute to him. I think he bought this kit secondhand on ebay. The kit is in near perfect condition, and was keep under his bed wrapped in a blanket! I think it was going to be one of his retirement projects. I hope he would be pleased with what I am about to do.

To his credit he also had the real thing, which he was in the process of renovating when he passed.
Fortunatley I did get to see it, in all it's glory, before he began the renovation. It has since been sold to someone who knows how to put it back together again.

Getting started.



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