Tamiya 1/6th scale model kit.

Display Case

16 June 2011

It's has been a long time coming, but I have finally managed to get a display case for the model! It has taken me a lot longer than I thought it would, has I couldn't find one with the dimensions that I needed, so I ended up having to have one made. The case was made by and they made a very good job of it.

Deciding what size it should be was also a bit tricky. Anyway, I decided to allowed about 25cm clearance all the way round and at the top, which I think is about right.

The dimensions turned out to be Width:425 Depth:200 Height:275

Next I constructed the base from plywood, timber with some beading around the edges, and some Oak varnish to finish it off. The base has a groove in it all the way round, so the case can slot into it. The model is held to the base with some black wire fed through a small hole in the base, which is then tied off underneath.

All in all it is looking very smart.


Last updated 16/June/2011