Tamiya 1/6th scale model kit.


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9 January 2011
Day 50

Bought a can of Tamiya 'Racing White' yesterday. So I decided to have a go at spraying some of the cowl and the petrol tank. I made up a cardboard box, and suspended the parts, 1 or 2 at a time with thin wire threaded through holes in the top of the box and through holes in the part or stuck with masking tape from behind. Some of the parts needed to be rotated whilw spraying to cover all visible areas. I found it very difficult to judge how much to spray, too much and it would run, too little and it would have to be re-sprayed. I found 2 or 3 up and down strokes from about 10 inches away worked reasonably well. But having said that, it's more luck than good judgement if it looks OK. It would have been a good idea to practice on a cheap model, or some other scrape plastic, just to get a feel of it. As it was far too cold and damp outside, I setup in the living room on a dinning table covered with card and old newspapers. Be warned, the spray goes everywhere, it flows from the back of the box into the room, white mist everywhere!

13 January 2011
Day 51

Had a go at spraying the main cowl. This is very tricky due to it's shape. I attached a long stick to the inside, with masking tape. This enabled me to rotate the cowl while I was spraying it. Unfortuneatly there where a few run and missed spots. I know this part is ahead of time, but I wanted to get all the spraying done at the same time.

14 January 2011
Day 53

Sanded down cowl and had another go at spraying it. Not sure whether it is better or worse. Also I've just noticed that the rest of the bodywork is a lighter colour, with having just one coat. I'll leave it for now.

15 January 2011
Day 54

Re-sprayed the rest of the bodywork parts to try and match that of the cowl.

16 January 2011
Day 55

Not really happy with the different colours of the bodywork. Had a go at re-spraying, but have run out of spray. Really getting a bit stuck now until bodywork is finished. It's now holding up Page 13 and 14. Printing off Page 15 to see if I can get on with something else.

21 January 2011
Day 57

Sanded down bodywork for re-spraying.

22 January 2011
Day 58

Re-sprayed smaller bodywork parts. Layed them flat on the floor this time(on a dust sheet!). Used about 3 or 4 strokes about 6-8inches away, back and forth. Left to dry for about 10-15 mins before next coat. Used 3 coates to try and match colour of the cowl.

23 January 2011
Day 59

Spraying that I did yesterday has not come out quite as well as I thought it had. Maybe my expectations are too high and my abilities too low! Anyway moving on. Fitted decals to all bodywork parts except cowl. This was really difficult, had to leave decals for several minutes in warm water(about 35c) before I could get them to slide off the backing paper and onto the part, probably because they where so big. Wetting the bodywork before fitting decal really helps. Once on, it was a case of constantly moving them about until desired position was acheived. They did move quiet easily on the wet shiny surface, sometimes too easily. I found using a wet cotton bud usefull for smoothing out creases etc. Need to check each part every few minutes and carefully roll the bud over the decal to adjust it's position, remove any creases and air bubbles etc. Not brilliant, but it will have todo. Thinking about spraying all bodywork with clear gloss, but only thinking!

24 January 2011
Day 60

The decals I did yesterday, look a lot smoother than I thought they would. They have smoothed out very well. Re-sprayed front mud guard.

27 January 2011
Day 61

Sprayed smaller bodywork parts with clear gloss, which should give an even shine to and protect the decals.


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