Tamiya 1/6th scale model kit.


Its been about 30yrs since I have made any sort of model kit, so I have been a bit apprehensive about starting it, especially under the circumstances, I really don't want to mess it up. I've had the kit for nearly a year now, and thought it was about time I got on with it. So this is sort of a diary of how I am assembling the kit, which I hope maybe of some help to anyone else embarking on a similar project.

This is sort of a diary of how I assembled this kit. Hopefully it may be of some help to anyone else building the same or similar model.

In memoriam.
Assembly(page 3).
Assembly(page 4).
Assembly(page 5).
Assembly(page 6).
Assembly(page 7).
Assembly(page 8).
Assembly(page 9).
Assembly(page 10).
Assembly(page 11).
Assembly(page 12).
Assembly(page 13).
Assembly(page 14).
Assembly(page 15).
Assembly(page 16).
Assembly(page 17).
Assembly(spraying bodywork).
Display case.

English instructions in .pdf.



Last updated 4/April/2011